In Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh

19,06,474 Fruit trees planted in 2020

131134 Lemon

288602 Mango

43068 Drumstick

588161 Papaya

42442 Sweet Lime

406846 Custard Apple

40811 Coconut

45275 Orange

320135 Guava

In Maharashtra

11,85,801 Fruit trees planted in 2019

148416 Lemon

7720 Sweet Lime

129441 Mango

145785 Drumstick

134039 Papaya

290838 Custard Apple

148337 Banana

34068 Orange

140966 Guava

6191 Pomegranate


All Round Development in 15 Villages

Villages are like multiple organ failure. Aap heart pe kaam karoge, liver bund hojayega, liver pe kaam karoge, lungs bund hojayega.

1000 Clean Energy Installations

Smokeless chulhas, solar lanterns, solar lights, solar pumps installed.

5000 Students Impacted

Through e-learning kits, sports activities, and school libraries.

1.5 crore Litres of Water Distributed

In 38 villages during the 2016 drought.

1500 Ration Cards

Ration cards distributed for the first time.

2016 to 2018

Water Conservation

Our team worked with local authorities to supply water tankers free of cost under the project Jal Aadhar 2016. We started the delivery of water tankers on April 27th 2016 with over 10,000 litres of water being supplied to each of more than 25 villages and 35,000-40,000 people every day.

70 km River

Deepening and widening of Paapnashi River and its tributaries

162 farm ponds

222 Cr Litres of total surface water storage capacity created for the next two decades

64 Dams

CNB Dams Constructed

5 KT Weir Dams

Repaired and Constructed across Marathwada region

606 Watershed

Watershed structures created

880 Cr Rupees

Total money saved on water tankers for the next two decades