Farmer Testimonials

farmer testimonials


"We had a water table at 500 ft, but after the work done of water harvesting, the level is now 50 - 70 ft."

farmer testimonials

Vinayak Gadade

"I used to be drunk all the time, but after Global Parli interving, I stopped drinking and my life has changed forever."

farmer testimonials

Sandeep Gitte

"I used to earn 20,000 Rs/acre, in soya and cotton, but now with Papaya and Intercropping of Watermelon, I have earned over 4,00,000 Rs/acre, my life has changed."

farmer testimonials

Gitte Maharaj

"I was a poor farmer and had a plan to commit suicide, but after Global Parli came and I started growing sitaphal, now I will get an income upto Rs 3 - 5 lakhs per acre."

farmer testimonials

Vasant Nagargoje

"I cannot believe that so much income can be generated in one acre. "

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Farmer Training LMS

Farmer Training LMS

Farmer Training LMS by Global Parli is a dedicated training portal for rural farmers in India which provides customized, byte sized learning content which aims at empowering farmers and ultimately increase their income.

  • Demonstrative videos for different stages of plant growth in local languages.
  • Illustrated training booklet
  • Crop wise economical calculations
  • Certification of training
  • Calendar for different stages of growth and processes
  • Usage of soil and plant enhancers (e.g. Zeba, Copio, Macarena and others by UPL)

This training is currently tailored in Marathi for farmers in Maharashtra, but soon will be available in multiple languages for a plethora of fruit and crop plantations across India.

Only trained farmers can become prosperous and lead to a rural economic transformation.

Always available for Farmers

24/7 Farmer Helpline


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Uni-Global Satellite

Uni-Global Satellite

We are building a portal that uses satellite data as well as ground data to monitor each and every farm and give monitoring reports every five days. Furthermore, it will also trigger alarms whenever a tree/ plant is in distress so that attention can be given to it.

  • CROP MONITORING - Uni-Global Satellite provides real-time crop vegetation monitoring via IoT sensors and satellite imagery.
  • SMART INTELS - IoT sensors are deployed to provide crop and water requirements at a regular interval.
  • FARM ADVISORY - Uni-Global Satellite provides crop-based advisory for better yield by mapping vegetations.

India’s 1st

Social networking for farmers

Gramin (Coming soon)

In the Indian agriculture ecosystem, the farmers and all agri-stakeholders have isolated conversations. Thus the real potential of agriculture has not been unleashed.

Gramin, which is India’s 1st open and free platform brings inclusivity with the help of technology by strengthening the communication. It reduces the divide between farmers and various integral elements of agriculture like research, new-tech, advisory, input and output markets, processing etc. It organises and displays information in a personalised way relating to their crop’s stage.

Gramin leverages the power of social networking to form a digital community with a win-win for all stakeholders especially farmers.

With Gramin, farmers have access to more choices and opportunities for buying agri-inputs and selling their produce. Farmers also have access to abundant knowledge, training sessions and discussion forums for instant solutions or expert advice.

The stakeholders can gain multiple insights into farmers and agriculture crop-wise, region-wise, demography-wise, etc to increase outreach and analyse customer pain points and needs to provide better support

Connecting farmers to world



While working with farmers we realised their biggest problem is that farmers have little or no exposure to technology or startups who are working for them.

One of the biggest challenge is to on-board the farmer. KYC forms are really difficult for farmers to fill they need someone else to assist them while filling these forms.

They have to repeat this for all other apps. Now this becomes a really big issue as most of the farmers will not be able to use the applications as they can't fill these forms again and again.

Consider our case, we built a system for farmers to book saplings, the flow of the system requires - an account creation (10%) - KYC data uploading (80%) - booking the saplings (10%)

So if we can remove the KYC step, we can save 80% of the time and efforts for any farmer.

Hence we're creating this application called Digi Farmer, a single sign on created only for farmers to help them upload all their details once and use it to sign up or login into any other application.