Bore-well Recharge

Water is never created inside the earth. It goes from the ground to the underground, filtered through various levels. This water goes and gets stored below the surface at different levels. Earth is the best underground water tank reservoir which is natural, does not evaporate and has huge unlimited capacity. And it belongs to everyone. Water below the surface has been in existence for thousands and thousands of years. Even before mankind.

But, we have stopped respecting nature, water has been taken for granted and now we are staring at scarcity of water. Water that comes from rains is allowed to flow away. 40% of the water flows away and is frittered, 30% is absorbed by plants without planning and balance goes into the ground. Multiple bore wells are drilled at competing depths for pulling the water from the earth’s storage without replenishing it. The richer the farmer, the deeper his bore well is drilled, so that he gets more water than his neighbors.....

But the access to the underground water storage by these bore wells must now be used to refill the underground water. Water from rooftops, water streams of the surface and other rainwater drains should be converged and use to recharge existing bore wells and wells.

All other ways of water conservation are costly and less effective than the recharging bore wells. Compared to creating a water pond of 50,000 litres costing Rs75,000, recharging of bore well stores 1,00,000 to 10,00,000 litres for an approximate cost of just Rs.12,500. We recharged all the public borewells in our villages to provide a sustainable water management solution in the villages.