Open Defecation Free Village

Open defecation is a very big issue in the villages that needs to be eliminated. We educated the villagers about the health issues caused by open defecation and urged them to build a toilet in every house. We even promoted a practice in which the people were asked to click pictures of the people found defecating in the open to shame them and hinder them from doing so.

Kaudgaon Sabla had only 70 toilets while the rest were defecating outside. A team of youth from the village and the sarpanch, decided to build 170 more toilets at their own cost, along with dual soak pits. Few of the toilets will be shared between families as there is no space in some houses. They are working at breakneck speed and have already constructed 37 toilets and are making 2 / 3 toilets a day. We are glad that the villagers are inspired by Global Parli and are taking initiative to change their lives. Three of our villages have become open defecation free.

However, it is a very deep-rooted practice and has almost become a social affair for many women who do not get an opportunity to get out of the house otherwise. Also the lack of water supply in the toilets is another cause of this problem.