Women Empowerment

Most women in the villages do stitching work for their household requirements and few have also grown to sell products outside their houses. We decided to make use of this skill that the women already possess to start making them financially independent and empower them. We received our first order and the women did a very good job. Soon, we started accepting big orders and the biggest challenge yet has been the order from UPL, one of the top agro-chemical companies in the world.

We set-up standard procedures to be followed by the over 100 women who would be working on this project. We held extensive training sessions with these women to ensure quality products. There was a strict deadline for the project, despite which the women completed their order in time along with managing their fields and houses. They even worked whole of the Dussehra night.

While making payments to the women for this order, an interesting episode occurred. Because of demonetization, we could not withdraw money, so we asked the women to give the account numbers of their husbands where we could deposit their payments. Some of the women called us and said "No problem if we get the payment late, but give it to us only. If payments go to husband, we will never get it from them". The women are far more hardworking and sincere with excellent quality work. They are hungry for work so we request designers, manufactures, individuals to source out more and more work for them.