Our Growth


2016 - 2019

Proof of Concept

Create a “proof of Concept” in one of the most challenging areas of India of an appropriate size.

2020 - 2025

Replication & Scaling Up

Replicate and scale up similar prototypes across the country in different conditions with varied designs and processes.

2026 - 2030


Institutionalize the prototypes, work with the state and central Governments on policies that can multiply farmer incomes manifold.

Our Experience

Proof of Concept

360° Development

Winning hearts and restyling mindsets by creating a movement of change for farmers through 360° development.

Water Management

Water harvesting and its management to ensure water security. Reducing dependency on rain-fed agriculture.

Mass Plantation

Mass plantation by motivating farmers to change cropping patterns to horticulture using training, knowledge, and technology.


The team is to undertake training sessions with the farmers on each type of fruit plantation based on thier choice.


We know that, to change the country, we will need to implement our model of ”Rural Economic Revolution” across India. Moreover, a multi-pronged approach will be required to achieve this goal.

The approach will involve developing a training syllabus for specific crop plantation requirements and post-harvest management strategies, setting up farmer-training institutions to deliver residential trainings, institutionalizing the Global Parli process through a Standard Operating Procedure, and experimenting with a policy-driven top-down model.

We not only plan to develop a training syllabus for a residential training institute in Parli, but also plan to work with State Governments to help create robust horticulture policies, while simultaneously creating an S.O.P. to implement Global Parli models across the country.

Global Parli has already started working closely with the government and international organizations to participate and influence creation of policies and task forces.

In that regard, we met the Union Agriculture Minister, Union Agriculture Secretary, ICAR, FICCI, some of the top bureaucrats in Madhya Pradesh, some Union Ministers, and worked on a possible meeting with the Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

Our Discussions with the Agriculture Minister of India focused on training for the farmers. He also provided us assurance of the marketing support. He insisted us to focus on the Kisan Mitra schemes. Our Discussions with ICAR focused on upgrading the structure of KVK.

Additionally, we are also in talks with embassies of the Netherlands & Israel for Technology Management resources for our farmers.

Therefore, we believe that with our Scale & Speed of work at Institutional level, we will be able to Transform India.