Global Parli Rural Economic Development - Partner With Us

We need individuals, institutions, NGOs, Corporates, Foundations who can collaborate using their resources to help the villages. Some of the key resources that can be used while partnering with the villagers are

  • Using your knowledge and skills
  • Using your networking and contacts
  • Using your entrepreneurship
  • Using your investments

The life of the villagers need a complete transformation. And like a patient that has multiple organ failure, we will have to work at all levels to ensure that the life of villagers transform.

There are three basic verticals to completely overhaul the lives of the villagers

  • Improving economic situation by helping / investing / outsourcing / setting up plants in these villages. Some of the ways it can be done are:
    • Water management, conservation, rooftop rainwater harvesting and bore well recharging. Locating and accessing water sources, storing the same and supply through pipelines and taps.
    • Working on agriculture. Changing crops, cropping patterns, cumulative sale deals, drip irrigations, working towards reducing chemical fertilizers and insecticide, direct farm-to-home marketing and branding, storage and cold storage along with supply chain, food processing units etc.
    • Animal husbandry, poultry, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, hydroponics, bee farming etc.
    • Cottage industry: Textiles, garment stitching, artificial jewellery, quilts etc.
  • Improving (HDI) Human Development Index through improving quality of life by way of
    • Health – through health camps, health and life insurance, supply of medicines, Ambulance and diagnostic and lifesaving machineries, tie-up with hospitals
    • Education – E-learning through use of Audio-visual teaching of syllabi for schools, encouraging and funding further education, adult education, women education, training for cottage industry and life management, operating libraries.
    • Vocational training, promoting Micro Finance, creating Self Help Groups, small enterprises, create avenues of self-employment, enhance employability
    • Skill Development and reducing unemployment by creation of jobs, entrepreneurship, small businesses.
    • Creating sports facilities, training, sports academy
    • Reduce malnutrition by donating / managing vegetable patch, plants in every household
    • Solar lights in public and private locations
    • Sanitations and toilets in every households
    • Smokeless chulas, bio-gas plants on village and house level, cleanliness, soak pits
    • Governance issues : Regular and proper gram sabhas, progressive and modern decision making, reduction in corruption, regularization of ration cards and identification documentations, proper interaction with govt bodies to access various schemes, collective farming and sale-purchase etc
    • Information Technology: Connecting all villages through internet, creating apps and mobile website for villagers to access knowledge and information.
  • Social Reforms
    • Alcoholism: These villagers are steeped in drinking and alcoholism. And this habit has steeped into women and children too. Like a hole in a bucket, this drains away whatever little people earn. Many youth have died and many are on the verge of death. Stopping these illegal liquor shops and manufacturing of country liquor is very important.
    • Mass Weddings: Weddings are very expensive and a source of social status. Hence dowry, expensive wedding parties and gifts eat into all the savings and villagers have to sell or take heavy loans at high interest while giving their lands as collaterals. Most suicides are because of these bad social evils. If we organize mass weddings at low costs and ensure that dowry is not taken by these people, we can deal a blow to the social evil of dowry and expensive weddings. We need volunteers, donors for this mass weddings.
    • Women empowerment: Creating self-help groups, involving women in decision making, women education and stopping alcoholism, giving cycles to girls will empower women.

Product Partners: Individual, Institutions and Corporates can help us with their products in any/all of the thematic areas listed above. For example

  • Water: Bricks, cement, HDPE pipes, HDPE non-woven fabric, GI Pipes, Hydro-geological studies, Watershed studies, GIS mapping, Taps, cut pipes, Hand pumps/ stand posts etal
  • Sanitation: Modular Toilet block, brick, cement, tiles, taps, pipelines, storage tanks; sanitary napkins etc.
  • Education: Books, Stationery, new or used Computers/ laptops , Data cards, LCDs, book shelves, Libraries, Teacher Training help, curriculum design, schools buses, furniture- benches, toys etc.
  • Health: Ambulances, medicines, Training the paramedics, Call center facilities, fortified food/ supplements etc.
  • Agriculture: Drip irrigation systems/ equipment, HDPE non-woven fabric for water storage structures, saplings, fertilizers, soil nourishing micronutrients, sprinklers, high yielding seeds etc.